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THIS FUNDRAISER IS CLOSED. We thank you dearly for your amazing support. You can still make contributions, and they will still go towards GSA, but no more plaques are being made for this particular project. You all are amazing! WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING:

WE HAVE ENOUGH TO START THE SCHOOL! THANK YOU!!!! Keep donating because 100% of future donations go towards making Girls Shine Academy EVEN BETTER. You can donate up till September 2nd and STILL get your name on the final plaque!!

THE CONCEPT: We are fundraising for 12 different stages of construction for an all girls school in rural Malawi. Every time one of these stages is funded, we start construction and make a plaque with the names of all donors for that stage. You can view all our progress so far by clicking here:


Most recent video:
Next goal: $84,500
Total Fundraising Goal: $84,500 (This amount changed due to bad inflation in the country which significantly reduced our expenses)

"When you educate a girl, you educate a nation."

The two best ways you can help these girls get an education are to:
1) SHARE this video:
2) Make a DONATION.

Click here to read the school's vision document:

We are building an all-girls high school in a rural Malawian Village. The goal is to provide quality education that will help these girls go to college and significantly change the course of their lives.

Everything we need to run the school is already in place: students, teachers, curriculum, administration, construction plans, supervision, land, etc. All we need are the funds to build the actual building.

The school will be run by Tiya Dzilankhulani. She has a Diploma in Business Administration, a Bachelor's of Arts in Education and a Master's in Christian Leadership. When the President of African Bible Colleges was asked about her, he said, "Tiya will be the best Headmistress that you'll ever find in your entire life."

If you have specific questions about the school, please submit them here and we will answer them on an upcoming podcast:

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The two best ways you can help these girls get an education are to:
1) SHARE this video:
2) Make a DONATION.


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HOWMs, Inc.

HOWMs cares for the orphans and widows of rural Malawi and acts as the umbrella organization to provide tax deduction for the Village Fridays series.

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