Malaria Net Distribution

Malaria Net Distribution

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About This Project

There are 900 people living in Malikha Village in rural Malawi. We would like your help in providing them each with with a malaria net. If 75% of a village starts using malaria nets, the malaria rate in the village will drop by 90%.

This will save lives for years to come.

Please consider either donating $9.50 or sharing this video on social media:

Village Fridays works with local ministry partners and through the chiefs of the village for all candidates.


Why $8550?
900 people live in Malikha Village and each net cost $9.50. 900x$9.50 = $8550. It's a big goal, but statistics show that if 75% of a village starts using nets, then the Malaria rate drops by 90%.

What if we don't raise the full amount?
We really hope we do and we need your help to do that! But if we fall short, we'll just buy as many nets as possible and pass them out to kids first and adults second.

How will you make sure the villagers use the nets?
When we pass out the nets, one of our doctor friends will come with us and hold a seminar for all the villagers. He's done this before and will ensure that the nets get installed properly.

Why Malikha Village?
Some of us have been working in this village for over 7 years. We have a good relationship with the people there and that will be crucial to their success.

How else can I help?
Sharing the video is one of the best ways. We have 5 weeks to fundraise A LOT of money. Share it with your church, small group, school, company, email list, social media followers, etc.


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